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Memorial Statement from Family of Amber Archuleta

Posted by Shane Maier | Aug 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

Video from Amber Archuleta's Memorial by Samantha Wood

From Joshua Archuleta, Amber's Father

Thank you to everyone that came today to Amber's memorial and to those who were unable to join us in person, but that are still supporting our family and the Questa community in the loss of our beautiful Amber Archuleta.  The Community's response and help in these trying times have been overwhelming and amazing in helping my family make sure that Amber is not forgotten. While the family, especially Amber's brothers, Frankie and Joshua, and myself, have been dealing with the hardest loss imaginable for a father and family, the community has been here to help us in the worst moment of my life. I will never forget that and can never say thank you enough.

Amber was a totally amazing daughter that made me so proud as a father. She was a funny young girl who loved to dance and sing. She was so full of life and was always adventurous, courageous, and open to people from all walks of life. We would joke that Amber was 13 going on 33 because of how insightful and respectful she was as a young girl. I could never ask for a better daughter and I am happy to see that Amber's legacy in Questa was that of an innocent and loving young girl who was beloved by all. She was there to help me with the recent loss of her mother from cancer.

Sadly, Amber was taken from my family, this community, and from me on July 28, 2023, for totally senseless and unexplainable gun violence. Amber was hanging out at a friend's house listening to music and being a kid. Without any instigation or reason, a 14-year-old boy took out a gun and shot and killed Amber. Amber was not arguing with this boy. She was just quiet listening to music when this monster decided to use his father's gun to kill my daughter. No one can understand how this murder happened. Nor can anyone explain why this troubled 14-year-old boy was given access to his father's firearms. This monster and his family took my daughter from my life and took away her hope for a fulfilling and loving life.

I have been troubled by the loss of my daughter and have questions that I will never get the answer to. I am asking the police and the Taos District Attorney to successfully prosecute the murderer of my daughter as an adult and to hold his parents accountable under the Bennie Hargrove bill.  Amber is owed justice for her death.

Overall, I want the world to remember my daughter for who she was and her impact on the people here in Questa and the Taos area, and most importantly her family. Amber will never be forgotten and her legacy will live on forever with this family and this Community.  Thank you again for the support that you have provided to my family. I can never thank you enough. 

Amber Archuleta

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