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  • How Can Families Detect and Address Nursing Home Abuse?

    Has your elderly loved one been the victim of nursing home abuse? Our lawyers can help you seek justice and compensation. Learn more today.
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  • What Are the Key Factors in Proving Fault in a Bicycle Accident Claim?

    Have you been injured in a bike accident? Proving fault is vital to your personal injury case. Learn more and speak to our lawyers today.
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  • June 19th Severe Weather Multi Car Accident: A Sad Reality for New Mexico Drivers

    On June 19th, severe weather swept through the area north of Albuquerque near Algodones, NM creating hazardous conditions on the roads with limited visibility. Per reports, this storm, characterized by high winds and low visibility, is a stark reminder of the dangers that weather conditions can pose to drivers in New Mexico. This severe weather is reported to have caused a mutli-car collision and resulted in the closing of I-25 north of Albuquerque. 
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  • New Mexico's Fault System for Vehicular Accidents

    New Mexico operates under a pure fault-based system for car accidents, holding the responsible party liable for resulting damages. The state's comparative fault system adjusts compensation based on each party's degree of negligence. Expert legal representation, such as that provided by the Gauthier & Maier Law Firm, is essential for navigating the complexities of accident claims and ensuring that you recover your damages in the event of an accident.
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  • New Mexico Traffic and Accident Statistics: A 2023 Update

    New Mexico sees a reduction in traffic fatalities in 2023 compared to 2022 but still 407 fatalities throughout the state.
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For recent case updates and statements from our represented clients including the families of Bennie Hargrove, Mary Melero, and Amber Archuleta please click here.

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When you have been injured by someone else's negligent, reckless, or criminal conduct, you will need someone to help you receive the justice you are owed.  Shane Maier, Chance Gauthier, and our attorneys have helped hundreds of New Mexicans receive compensation and the justice they are owed while collecting millions of dollars for their clients, including a $36,000,000 jury verdict for an auto accident and insurance bad faith.  Shane Maier, Chance Gauthier, and our attorneys are dedicated and reliable attorneys who can make a significant difference in the outcome of your matter. Let Gauthier & Maier Law Firm provide you with the quality, professional, and effective representation you deserve. 

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Experience is part of developing a successful law practice, and at Gauthier & Maier Law Firm people injured in New Mexico get the skilled legal advice and representation they're looking for when they need an attorney.

We have a thorough understanding of New Mexico law. With exceptional legal skills, practical solutions, and professional integrity, Gauthier & Maier Law Firm works hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

Gauthier & Maier Law Firm prides itself on developing real connections with clients. We put complex legal issues into language that you can easily understand. We work hard to help our clients in every situation. We treat clients with respect and spend time to make sure that they fully understand the process they are going through.

When you need counsel on a major, life-impacting decision, you deserve an attorney who will listen to you, thoroughly examine the facts, and provide the best possible solution for you and your future.

Verdict and Settlements

Recent Case Results

  • $1,000,000 + settlement for a motorcycle accident that resulted in severe injuries for a Gauthier & Maier Law Firm client. The case involved quite a bit of investigation to find the correct liable entity and multiple insurance policies.  Read On

  • $900,000 Settlement - Gauthier & Maier Law Firm along with Davis Law Group (Frank Davis) and Law Office of Adam Oakey, LLC  were able to receive a settlement for $900,000 in one of the first cases using the New Mexico Civil Rights Act for the Wrongful Death Estate of Bennie Hargrove and his mother Collette Wise. ht... Read On

  • $36,000,000 verdict against State Farm for Auto Accident and Bad Faith. Read On

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